Facebook Envy Leaves People Feeling Lonely And Angry, Study Finds

Facebook Envy

A study conducted by researcher Hanna Krasnova at Berlin’s Humboldt University has found that Facebook envy leaves users with negative experiences.

Speaking to Reuters Krasnova states:

“We were surprised by how many people have a negative experience from Facebook with envy leaving them feeling lonely, frustrated or angry.”

Krasnova’s team conducted several trials in which 600 representative Facebook users recorded their emotional responses based on several post types.

The research found that more than half of the status messages caused envy in readers. The study also found that people in their 30s were also more likely to be envious of family scenes.

The study also found that Facebook users who feel over envious use Facebook less, a bad sign for the FB team.

According to the study’s findings:

“Our findings signal that users frequently perceive Facebook as a stressful environment, which may, in the long-run, endanger platform sustainability.”

There is some good news for Facebook users, people who tend to share more than they consume on the social network tend to feel better about their situation.



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