Facebook And Twitter Tied For The High School Cool Crowd [Study]

Social Media Study

Facebook in particular hasn’t had the greatest track record with teens, but numerous studies also point to teens leaving Twitter for social networks like Instagram.

According to new data from the Harvard Institute of Politics, Twitter and Facebook usage among high school seniors is tied.

Harvard recently surveyed over 3,000 people ages 18 to 29 to gauge Midterm election turnouts, but also to analyze their social media habits.

For those attending high school, Facebook and Twitter were the most popular at 13 percent, followed by YouTube at nine percent and Google (Google Plus?) at three percent.

Teens Using Social Media

Use of Facebook increases the higher the education, hitting 25 percent for graduate school respondents whereas Twitter came in at just two percent.

Across the over 3,000 individuals surveyed, here were the overall results:

  • Facebook – 24 percent
  • Google – 7 percent
  • Twitter – 3 percent
  • YouTube – 3 percent
  • Instagram – 3 percent

While Snapchat, Tumblr and Pinterest were left out of the chart, Harvard did measure their use, and all three saw positive growth among 18 to 29-year-olds.

Compared to a survey published in the Fall of 2013, Snapchat use grew seven percent, Tumblr use four percent and Pinterest use eight percent.

On the political side:

“While Facebook seems to have the same number of Democrats (87%) as Republicans (87%) — Google+ (52% of Democrats have an account compared to 36% of Republicans) and Twitter (46% of Democrats have an account compared to 38% of Republicans) seem to trend more Democratic. Pinterest, on the other hand, trends more Republican (40% have an account compared to 32% of Democrats).”

Facebook and Twitter use among teens may not be where it once was, but this latest study shows both are far from dead.

Photo credit: Melinda Shelton

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