EPIC Game Of Thrones Spoof, Game Of Goats [Video]


I know everyone is excited about the premiere of Game of Thrones last Sunday, but there has been one consistent complaint a certain segment of the population has had with GoT since season 1. The show has too many humans and not enough barnyard animals. Which is a strange complaint about a show that has more barnyard animals than most, but it is my made-up section of the population and I can make them complain about whatever I want.

One YouTube user set out to fix that flaw in an epicly hilarious intro to Game of Goats. It was uploaded yesterday by Spanish language YouTuber Marca Blanca, but if you don’t speak Español, no worries, Goats are funny in every language (mostly because they don’t have a language).

Since its upload last night, Game of Goats has already been viewed more than 386,000 times. It has also received over 4,400 likes, and 167 dislikes (presumably from people who have Caprophobia, the made-up medical term for an irrational fear of goats).

Videos of Goats screaming are an old hat on the internet. The top “goats yelling” video on YouTube has over 23 million views. If you have watched any of the goat yelling videos in the past few years, you are likely to notice a goat (or yak, or sheep) or two from the video, but nothing adds class and nobility to a video like the Game of Thrones music playing in the background.

The Game of Thrones season 4 debut brought in 6.6 million viewers and actually crashed HBO Go shortly after it became available on that service.



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