Oldest Man In England Shares Secret To His Longevity After Turning 111


Bob Weighton, the oldest man in England, has unconcealed the elemental secret to his ongoing long life as he just turned 111 years old.

via Daily Echo

Weighton was born on March 29, 1908 in Hull and will today celebrate his one hundred and eleventh first birthday at his Alton retirement flat in Hampshire amongst a few of his pals. On this most epochal of days, Weighton has proffered up his best advice to us young scallywags on how to live a long life as he has.

He puts his inordinately lengthy lifespan down to ‘avoiding dying’. Yup – it is merely that simple. He told local news: “By avoiding dying – there’s no reason otherwise. I have had the usual scares, flu, influenza, malaria, two or three operations; I ought to be dead but I am a survivor, if you like.”

Bob too explained that he does not make too big of a fuss about anything, and that’s the surest way perhaps to go about averting death. He stated: “I do not like the attention. I quite like meeting people I have never seen before, that’s one of my delights. “I like meeting people who have been places and have some understanding of what it means to be human.”

via Belfast Telegraph; Weighton teaching in Taiwan, 1934

At 111, Bob has seen a great deal. He has 25 great-grandchildren, 10 grandchildren and 3 children. He told of the alterations that have occurred during his astounding life, adding: “Visually and in physical terms, it’s changed enormously, in what human beings are – not at all.

“The basic concerns of human beings of meeting and interacting with other human beings is exactly the same – ‘can this person be trusted?’. “In practical terms, one thing is the speed of travel. In 1933 I traveled to the Far East on a P&O boat to Hong Kong and it took six weeks, now you can fly there in about eight or nine hours.”

Regardless of how the planet has changed, Bob doesn’t feel that his mission has modified. He noted: “Promoting human interaction is the motive of my life.”


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