Dwayne Johnson Denies Green Lantern Rumor, Kind Of

dwayne johnson

Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson set to play the Green Lantern? The actor got the rumor mill churning this week when he posted a suspicious message on his Instagram account.

The Rock posted an image with producer Hiram Garcia along with the following message.

“Known this beast since he was 15. I was on the football field playing for Miami, he was leading the Hurricanes marching band as Drum Major. He spent years of working on my WWE story lines Rock monologues. Then years of being on every movie set with me learning the film business from top to bottom. Today, he’s one of the best and most sought after producers in Hollywood. Brilliant, relentless and one big motherf*cker! Proud of you brother thank you for all the hard work.#ProducerHiram #TeamRock#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss”

It’s that last hashtag that sparked a lot of speculation. We already know that Dwayne Johnson will be starring in a new DC Comics movie and that hashtag seemingly indicates that he’ll be playing John Stewart, AKA the Green Lantern.

Of course, nothing is official yet. In fact, Johnson responded to an IGN article saying that all he did was confirm the fact that The Green Lantern would kick Superman’s ass.

So is Dwayne Johnson playing the Green Lantern? Maybe.

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