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On this fateful date of February 26, 2015 (or the 27th, depending on wherever you’re globally positioned), the Internet went up in arms and clashed in a heated online debate. Sides were chosen, bets were cast, and many manly tears have been shed. Everyone wants to know just exactly what color this dress is.

It all started with a very sincere and humble question from this user on Tumblr:


People instantly said it was white and gold, but there were voices of dissent that claimed it was blue and black. Banter and arguments spread like wildfire across the Internet, and soon, the #ThisDress reached far and wide into Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of Social Media. #WhiteGold and #BlueBlack continue to duke it out for online buzz supremacy. Some people just want the whole thing to stop.

Celebrities have also thrown in their chips with this dress. Taylor Swift was momentarily befuddled before declaring her position on the Blue-Black team.

Along with the rest of Hollywood.

This dress threatened to tear families assunder.

Some others were just in the grips of anticipation to see how #ThisDress will all end. In flames, probably.

Other companies chimed in on the matter:

American Congress couldn’t bear to stay on the sidelines on the issue, either:

And the sports world stood still for this dress:

The denizens of Tumblr had a few interesting things to say about the phenomenon:

this dress

this dress



this dress


Thankfully, the Science Side of Tumblr intervened for us:

this dress


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