Drake’s Draft Day Surprises Fans With Shoutout To Johnny Manziel

Drake delivered a surprise to fans April 2nd with his new release Draft Day, complete with a shoutout to Johhny Manziel.

Drake and NFL prospect Johnny Manziel have formed a well reported friendship of late, complete with Manziel getting a tattoo of Drake’s OVO logo on his wrist.

The release, produced by Boi-1da, Ducko McFli, and Syk Sense sees Drake laying lyrics on top of samples of Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop.”

Also name dropped are Andrew Wiggins, Jose Canseco, Chance the Rapper, and even Jennifer Lawrence.

A section is also believed to be take shots at Jay Z, with the lyrics:

“Just hits no misses, that’s for the married folks / Tell ‘em fix my suite up ’cause I’m coming home / Oh, I heard he talking crazy, I was out of town / You know they love to pop all that shit when I’m not around / But when I’m here? Sssss, not a sound / That’ll make me snap, jot it down, go in the booth and lay a body down.”

Fans, while surprised by the unexpected release, reacted positively to the track, with Draft Day trending on both Twitter and Google.


(Image Credit: Soundcloud.)



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