Doratoon – An Easy-to-Use Online Animated Video Maker for New YouTubers 

Are you joining YouTube recently? That’s great. It’s, however, a long journey you are taking from using that phone camera to the quality that BBC likes. So, why not try a different road to make some animated videos instead?  It would be much fun, and you can learn how to make animated videos using a more straightforward way. 

One of the solutions that ease the animation video-making process is Doratoon. It’s available online and has everything you need to make a quick video and post it on YouTube. 

Let’s see how it can help you create animated videos when needed. 

What is Doratoon?

You have already heard of software that helps you in video editing or creating cartoons. Take that idea online, and have an excellent online platform to do that for you. That is what Doratoon is, and you can access it by simply typing the name on your browser. 

Of course, there should be an internet connection. You get many features that will help you create a quick video there. So, what will Doratoon deliver?

Doratoon Features for the YouTube Beginner 

You can use the following specifications to make the best-animated video for your new YouTube channel.

Loaded Library

Doratoon is an animated video maker with many ready-made templates to help you get started. They are all in different categories, so it’s easy to locate a usable one. There are also thousands of animated characters that you can use and stock images too. 

So, it’s a platform with abundant materials that can help you create a video. 

Drag-and-Drop Ability

Anything you want to add to the video is a matter of dragging and dropping from the main menu. This makes it easy for you to add anything available. 

Files Importation

If what you need is not available on Doratoon, you can import it from the cloud or your local storage. Doratoon allows you to add video clips, pictures, PPT files, and PDFs. If you also have audio and background music you would like to use, it’s also acceptable. 

Multiple Orientations

Doratoon allows you to create landscape or portrait YouTube videos. If you have a different file with a defined orientation, you can also import it. 

Text-to-Speech Conversion

If you don’t have perfect audio to accompany your video, Doratoon will enable you to convert text into speech. You only need to type the words and select the best voice to accompany them. 

The web-based animation maker can also help in subtitle addition quickly. 

Path-Finding Ability

Do you need those animated characters and other objects to move? You can define the direction using the path-finding feature. Here, things can move in straight, circular, or curved paths. 

Export in Various Ways

After creating the video, you can export it as an MP4 or PPT. The platform also allows you to share directly on social media, or you can just copy the URL and paste it on your YouTube channel. 

More to that includes downloading, and you can also get rid of or customize the watermark. 

Why Use Doratoon as a New YouTuber? 

There are various reasons why you should use this option to learn how to make animated videos. Some of them include the following:

It’s Budget Friendly 

Most of the equipment you need to shoot a perfect video is not cheap. So, as you save to purchase better camera stands and editing software, Doratoon can help you get started. It will cost you less to have a platform you can use to make animated videos all year round. 

Easy Creation 

All you need is an account on the Doratoon website to get started. It’s easy to access the platform once connected to the internet. All the tools and templates you require are on the workbench. You can also import what you need to add. 

After creation, exporting in various formats and ways is also enabled. 

Ample Tools 

All tools are available here, from templates to animated characters and images. In short, Doratoon has all the video editing capabilities that allow you to complete a short video quickly. 

Help Is Always Available 

Do you need to know how to use Doratoon to utilize such a platform best? There are blogs and video tutorials to guide you through. Customer support is also readily available in case you have any questions. 


How to Make Animated Video Using Doratoon 

We know you are new to this, but the steps below will help you get started. 

Step 1: Access Doratoon 

Ensure you have a proper internet connection. Next, access the website using your browser and create a free account. You can also use your Google account for faster sign-up. After that, you will get to the workbench with everything. 

Step 2: Create Your Video 

You can start by accessing the template you need via the categories displayed. There are lots of them there. You can use the ‘Create’ button to start a video from scratch if you are confident. 

Choose the orientation you need, and if you want to import files, there is an option for that as well. On the workbench, the menu is on the left, and you can drag and drop things from there. 

Step 3: Finish Up and Export 

Once you are done, use the ‘Preview’ button to see how you are doing and then the ‘Publish’ button to export. Choose the format you require, customize the watermark and then save the settings. 

You can copy and use the video link on YouTube or download and upload it manually.


As you have seen, there is a way to make animated YouTube videos easily. It’s also a cartoon animation video maker that you can use to add animations to recorded videos. So, the next item you are searching for on the internet is Doratoon. 

It will help you create videos faster, and you can access them anywhere. It’s also cheap for struggling beginners who still need experience and equipment to make better videos. 


Kokou Adzo

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