Don’t Suck At Facebook #376: Don’t Tag People In Pictures Of Random Things

facebook dont tag me

Here at Social News Daily, we want to make it so you don’t suck at Facebook accidentally, even though everyone is using the site all the time for everything — and no one thinks they suck at Facebook.

But sometimes, we all suck at Facebook. And you can consider this tutorial at not sucking at Facebook to be less prescriptive than it actually is, because no one likes being Facebook corrected.

So. Today’s Facebook issue concerns tagging, and the etiquette emerging around the practice of publishing content that will, in that process, publish to the Facebook timeline of a friend. Ultimately, Facebook is casual and fun at its core — but our Facebook timelines are still a carefully curated collection of our social media identities. We spend time on them, we arrange and highlight … careless tagging is somewhat akin to contributing to a friend’s scrapbook and scribbling on the pages. Or wiping a booger on them.

One practice that really irks us is the one where a friend finds some particularly arcane, trite, or otherwise irrelevant image or meme abjectly hilarious. Bonus points if the image is offensive to a friend’s worldview — sexist, racially iffy, or just plain garbage, like a misspelled Tweety Bird meme.

Inevitably, if it goes Facebook viral, you see plenty of random tags: “with Facebook User and 78 others.” Don’t be that guy. Don’t muck up your friend’s Timeline with random timeline.

If you want to not suck at Facebook, keep tagging to flattering, relevant images of yourself and your friends and don’t use the function to share or promote things. If you are fairly sure a friend will appreciate content, you can post it to their Timeline by hand — and if they’ve disabled this function globally, take the hint.

Do you think non-consensual tagging is an indicator someone sucks at Facebook? Do you get annoyed when this happens to you?



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