Dogs Are Afraid To Walk By Cats. We Understand. [Video]

Dogs Good Reason Afraid Of Cats

Dogs and cats are forever at odds, and considering cats have the claws (and the sense to use them ALL THE TIME), we’re not surprised to see a video montage of dogs who are afraid to walk by cats. We understand.

The video was posted on Thursday and already has almost 3 million views, which is really no surprise, since most of us have already witnessed this phenomenon and sympathize with the dogs’ plight. The first half of the video shows a series of dogs, including boxers and other large breeds, who absolutely refuse to walk by a cat.

Usually, said feline is pretending to act uninterested in the dog’s presence, though a few of the fuzzy, clawed beasts have their ears back — a sign of what might be coming. Even with their owners encouraging them, and even threatening them, the dogs won’t go closer. Some even whine back, as if to say, “But, but … that monster is going to attack me.”

Silly humans. The dogs really do have a reason to be afraid, as evidenced by the second half of the montage, which shows what happens when the canines finally trust their owners, though a few times it takes forceful removal of the cat first. Most of the dogs prove to their owners why they were so afraid, earning a face, side, or leg full of claws for their intrusion in the cat’s territory.

But for all the pain the pooches are going through as they struggle whether to trust their humans or fear the cat, we couldn’t help but laugh.



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