Disney’s Maker Studios Acquisition Is Getting Messy

Disney Acquisition Maker Studios

Disney’s acquisition of Maker Studios may not be set in stone after all. According to a new report, mid-sized film and television production and distribution company Relativity Media, has made a counter-offer to acquire the firm.

A report in the The Wall Street Journal claims that the distribution company has offered $500 million in stock, alongside $400 million in stock conditional on achieving certain financial targets.

The new deal would also offer $100 million in bonus pool money for talent and executives.

In a statement from Maker Studio the WSJ writes, “Relativity’s proposal fully values Maker Studios while providing its shareholders far more upside potential for growth than the Disney offer.”

Disney is offering $500 million in cash and $450 million in bonuses if financial targets are achieved.

Not only is the Relatively Media deal potentially more lucrative, it may be an easier route to take. Maker Studios co-founder Danny Zappin and three other former executives have sued the company over the potential Disney acquisition. The former executives are hoping to block a shareholder vote scheduled for Tuesday, April 15.

With 4.5 billion+ monthly views and 340 million+ subscribers, and a growing pool of talent, the bid to acquire Maker Studios could heat up even further in the coming weeks ahead.

The big question now is whether or not Maker Studios shareholders will vote in favor of a huge chunk of actual cash from Disney, or the promise of more stock options from Relativity Media.




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