Denny’s Said What? Restaurant Ridicules Coachella Goers With French Toast Taunt


Denny’s does not mess around. The restaurant ridiculed Coachella festival goers this weekend while simultaneously advertising its breakfast menu.

Yes, the team at Denny’s decided that the best way to reach the audience at Coachella was through vicious insults.

Seriously?Did Denny’s just say that? Why? What did Coachella ever do to you, Denny’s? The reactions to the tweet ranged from shock, to praise, to anger.

Now, we’re not arguing with the restaurant chain (we absolutely don’t want to get on their bad side). In fact, the annual festival is frequently criticized for being a haven for rich white kids to pretend they’re hippies. Just look at what happened at the Outkast reunion last weekend.

Still, those criticisms are usually made by bloggers, magazine writers, or anyone who isn’t a restaurant trying to sell a product.

Denny’s tried to play nice with it’s next tweet, asking Coachella fans if their french toast needs were being met…

… but that was followed by another pop culture jab. Apparently Denny’s isn’t a fan of Game of Thrones, Mad Men, or the MTV Awards either.

Denny’s Twitter marketing strategy is certainly an interesting one. The restaurant seems intent on latching on to popular topics and then ripping them apart. And it’s not a bad idea. I mean, there are probably more Coachella haters out there than people at Coachella. And if anyone was truly offended by the tweet… well, as they say, french toast heals all wound.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

Kokou Adzo

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