Dead Corpse Instagram Selfie Goes Viral, Teen In Trouble Over Restricted Photo

Dead Corpse Instagram Selfie

A high school student in Alabama is in trouble after she posted a selfie pic on Instagram. The student was attending a field trip to the University of Alabama at Birmingham when she snapped a photo of herself with a dead body inside the school’s biology lab.

The lab strictly prohibits the use of cell phones and other recording equipment in the area where cadavers are stored. The young girl ignored the restriction and snapped the photo.

While the young girl has since deleted the Instagram photo (shown in censored form above), the high school issued the following statement to WSFA-TV:

A student was made explicitly aware of these policies and breached them. This kind of disrespect is unacceptable and very disappointing. We will review our processes to ensure this does not happen again.

It has been a tough week for young kids and selfies on social networks. As I reported yesterday, another teen in the south was arrested after she posted naked selfies of herself on Twitter.



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