Daniel Tosh Rips ESPN For Stealing ‘Web Redemption’ Segment

Daniel Tosh is well aware that he’s stolen a few bits from programs like The Soup, but that doesn’t mean that it’s OK for ESPN to steal his material. The comedian went after ESPN last night on his show and accused the network of stealing his “Web Redemption” segment.

Of course, ESPN did not call their new segment “Web Redemption.” Instead, they came up with the incredibly creative name “Awesome Video Segment.”

Tosh said: Listen, I’m aware America’s Funniest Home Videos and Talk Soup have a legitimate grip against this show. But now sports channels are stealing from me. Did ESPN really think I wouldn’t notice when they came up with an eerily familiar new segment called “Awesome Video Segment. You f*cking hacks are cheapening my brand.”

After pointing out a few similarities between ESPN’s “Awesome Video Segment” and his own “Web Redemptions,” Tosh moves into true smackdown mode. The comedian unveils his new segment, “Sports Science.0,” and rattles off amazing, inaccurate, and hilarious “facts” about the ESPN crew.

Check out the video below.

A spokesman for ESPN addressed Tosh’s segment and said that they truly didn’t think they were ripping the comedian off when they used his tagline “are you ready to give it another shot.”

ESPN said: “This was more of an instance of us using a common phrase than it was copying his wording. We know that doesn’t sound like the strongest explanation yet it’s the truth. We are looking forward to ‘giving it another shot’ in future installments of ‘The Awesome Video Segment.”

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