Dad Packs Daughter’s Lunch with Epic Geekery

Hey, Dad. We know that you know that we know that the holidays are nigh upon us, Thanksgiving‘s leftovers have long since been nommed, and the epicness of Christmas Shopping is something you (and your wallet) limber up for a la Olympics. we’ve had some pretty touching moments this year, and we also kinda get that you’re super-stoked for the newest Star Wars movie coming out very soon. (Don’t shake your head at me; I’ve seen you squeeing over that awesome trailer. Besides, we were there squeeing along with you, too.)

So while we contemplate what gifts would be perfect for you, here’s another reason we want to give you the very best.

A certain Roboguzu in Imgur is one dad we’d love to have. He understands how important a well-balanced meal is for a growing kid, and so takes extra-special care packing his daughter Lilith’s lunch. It’s got all the vitamins and minerals she needs, including her daily dietary allowance of badass geekery.


Seriously, Dad, don’t ever stop. we mean it.

But wait, there’s more. Accio Geekery!


Lunch side effects may or may not include a sudden growth spurt, extra energy and speed, and a peppy 8-bit tune chirping in the background.


The Tummy remembers.


An apple a day keeps the zombies away. Also, cardio.


Why yes, I think it’s a great idea to have a cosmos-devouring, star-engulfing Elder God over for snacks. No, really. He loves the little milk boxes.


Props to you, O great Roboguzu, for giving her that awesome parenting and gearing her up for one heck of a school year. We honestly can’t wait to see what kind of geek Lilith turns out to be when she’s all grown up.

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