Woman Creates Makeup Brush With Her OWN Hair & People Are Trippin’

makeup brush

Social media is filled with DIY articles, sites and videos that teach you a plethora of interesting things.

Instagram pages like 5-Minute Crafts have a massive following, and for sufficient reasoning.

makeup brush
via Giphy; Nah, don’t think she cut off that much..

Thing is, particular hacks just seem to stand out, though at times for all the wrong reasons. One beauty hack has recently gone viral, and people have a lot of mixed emotions about it.

5-Minute Crafts posted an unusual tutorial exhibiting how to make a makeup brush out of your very OWN hair!

In the footage below, you can view a woman snipping a lock of her hair. Then, she absents the eraser of a pencil, applies glue, and injects her hair. She trims off any excess to add richness to the brush.

Twitter user MaliciousStaurus reposted the odd DIY, and it soon went viral, raking in more than 15 million views and roughly 450,000 likes in only a few days. Most people were, in fact, dismayed by the tutorial; some individuals actually thought the brush was a good idea and are anxious to try it, while others saw it as a wise business idea.

Likewise, it’s said that natural hair makes for awesome makeup brushes. Hair contains cuticles, which have terrific blending and pick-up properties, which is the reason they make ideal makeup brushes. Many natural brushes out there presently are made with the fur of animals, so possibly to some, applying one’s own hair would be seen as more virtuous.

Would YOU cut off your own hair to generate a makeup brush?


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