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2023 Cricket World Cup is to be held in India. But this time there is uncertainty about the ICC’s biggest player. The uncertainty has come as the Indian government has not approved the tax exemption. Because if this happens, then the top-ranked organization of the cricket will lose about $ 100 million in revenue. Where will the 2023 Cricket World Cup and the 2021 Champions Trophy?



ICC champions trophy

Earlier, the ICC Champions Trophy in 2006 and the 2011 World Cup was a huge loss to ICC. The loss came in the 2016 T-20 World Cup. And if the 2023 World Cup does not allow tax exemption then there will be losses of Isis 100 to 125 million dollars.


Not only the World Cup, but the Champions Trophy of 2021 is also scheduled to be held in India. The ICC, in the same way as the trumpet So, if India does not give tax, then these two tournaments will be held in an alternative country. In this case, thinking about removing the troupe in any of the countries around India is being considered. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are left to do so. But the ICC is not making the final decision now because of the time. That’s why they want to analyze everything with a year’s time.


Meanwhile, the ICC has started thinking of the World Cup in 2023. Cricket’s highest controlling body has brought radical change in the qualification system of the World Cup. The ICC press release said that in the new process of qualification What is that process, I discuss that discussion.


ICC to introduce a new qualifying system for the World Cup in 2023 Where 32 teams will fight in 3 leagues to make the World Cup. Any rating points will not start after the 2019 World Cup, each team will start from 0, after the next match, new rating points will be added and new rankings will be published.


Three leagues; Super League, League 2, Challenge League!


There are 13 teams in the Super League; Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, England, Australia, New Zealand, Windies, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Netherlands. Each team in this league will get a chance to play 24 matches. Top 8 teams (including hosts) of 13 teams will make it to the final stage of the World Cup. And the remaining 5 teams will take part directly in the qualifying event of the World Cup. The league will run from May-2020 to May-2022


There are 7 teams in league 2. According to the current World Cricket League structure, 14-20 Scotland, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Canada, Namibia Each team in this league has the opportunity to play 36 matches. The top three teams of 7 teams will take part in the World Cup qualifying. And the remaining 4 teams will participate in the selection of the playoffs. The league will run from July-December 09 to December-2022.



There are 12 teams in the Challenge League. According to the structure of the current World Cricket League, 21-32 Oman, Kenya, Singapore, USA, Uganda, Denmark, Malaysia, Jersey, Vanuatu, Bermuda, Qatar, Italy / Germany / Ghana. This league will be divided into two parts, League A and League B, where the 2-league champions will participate in the qualifying playoff. This league will run from August-2019 to January-2022.


The best two teams in the qualifying playoffs of the 6 off-play will get a chance to play in the qualifying, and the best of the league 2 team will take part in the qualifying playoff team, and the following 5 teams will participate in the Super League (previously mentioned). After the qualifying, two teams will qualify for the World Cup.




However, ten teams will participate in the 2023 World Cup. “He also said that due to the World Cricket League the associate members have improved the game. The number of matches in this new structure is increasing. Our members are getting the opportunity to compete. Besides, the whole thing is going to be between two and a half years. That was six years ago. As a result, the teams got a clear road to qualify for the World Cup. ”


It is a matter of how the new rules play in the globalization of cricket.

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