Condom Snorting: Meet The Internets Newest And Deadly Viral Video Craze

Condom Snorting on YouTube

Do you like condom snorting? If you’re part of “The Condom Challenge” you better. The disgusting practice is the newest viral video craze and doctors warn that it might just kill you.

To take part in the craze you have to unroll a condom on camera, push it up your nose and start snorting it. Finally you gag the condom back through your mouth.

Videos of young users snorting condoms started appearing on YouTube recently with commenters questioning the sanity of the idiots who are taking part in the practice.

Speaking to The Sun doctor Carol Cooper reveals:

“It’s shocking and incredibly stupid. The nose is connected to the back of the mouth – it’s also connected to the airwaves. There’s every possibility something you push up your nose will end up in your windpipe, or in your lungs. With potentially fatal results.”

The condom snorting videos first showed up on YouTube in October 2012 which ultimately led to the creation of The Condom Challenge.

We have seen our fair share of crazy crazing including Owling, Planking, and just acting like a moron in general, but this new crazy is just plain creepy.

Here’s one of the condom snorting videos from YouTube:

That video is apparently from a time before snorting condoms became a craze. The video was posted in December 2011.

Do you think condom snorting is disgusting and stupid?



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