Comedy Central Hosting #ComedyFest On Twitter

comedy central

Twitter is a great place to find some daily humor (see Ricky Gervais) and, according to Comedy Central, it’s also a fantastic place to hold a comedy fest. The cable network will be holding its first Twitter #ComedyFest sometime this week.

The #ComedyFest will center around Vine videos and will involve several stand up comics. The network will also be live streaming a discussion panel with comedy legends Mel Brooks, Rob Reiner, and Judd Apatow.

Steve Agee will also be hosting a Vine Dinner Party with a few other comedians. They’ll be eating, talking, and of course, tweeting throughout the meal.

The Twitter festival is somewhat of an experiment for Comedy Central who has seen its traditional business model challenged recently. Several comedians have launched their own YouTube channels (Sarah Silverman, Ricky Gervais) and others, like Louis C.K., have chosen to forgo cable costs by releasing their own material online.

Steve Grimes, the company’s senior vice president for digital media, said that there might be a day when Twitter is as lucrative to the network as its TV shows.

Grimes told the NY Times: “One of these days we will be ambivalent about where people watch Comedy Central.”

In addition to #ComedyFest, Comedy Central will be upping its social media game with a new app called CC: Stand Up. The app, which should be available next month, will feature stand-up routines from various comedians.



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