Chrissy Teigen becomes only celeb followed by President Biden on Twitter


Wednesday night, Chrissy Teigen discovered President Joe Biden followed her on Twitter after being blocked by Donald Trump.

In fact, Teigen is one of only 13 persons followed by the official @POTUS Twitter account. This derived likely after the TV personality tweeted at Biden’s personal account requesting a follow. And while some queried at that time if the leader of the free world (or instead, his squad who runs the account) had more important matters to do on his Inauguration Day, Teigen expressed it was merely “just a dumb joke because I am a loser lol.” Though nonetheless, several hours later, the model became the only person @POTUS follows who is not a part of the 46th President’s official team.

When Teigen found out President Biden followed her, it’s safe to say she totally wigged out, tweeting excitedly “OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!” She then responded with a follow-up tweet “my heart oh my god lmao I can finally see the president’s tweets and they probably won’t be unhinged.” Following that, she ostensibly understood the significance of her newest high-impact follower, tweeting “I should prob never tweet again.”

The compelling follow arrived on the same day that Teigen joined spoused John Legend as he performed “Feeling Good” during the Celebrating America Inauguration Celebration.  Behind the scenes, Teigen shared a couple of posts of the celebration prep (although, perhaps a tad bit earlier than she was supposed to), and she too shared some pics on her Instagram of the family savoring the sights in the country’s capital.


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