8-Year-Old Wins $200 Worth of Weed Items at Youth Hockey Tournament

hockey tournament

A grandfather is stumped after his eight-year-old grandson won a stockpile of $200 worth of cannabis merchandise at a local youth hockey tournament.

Keith Redl said the Dawson Creek Minor Hockey’s longstanding tradition of raising funds took a left turn. “Each team is usually responsible for putting a gift basket or prize package together with a minimum value of $50,” he said in a phone interview. And then what they do is they have a big setup and they have a paper bag taped in front of each one of these prizes.”

hockey tournament
via CBC; Bundle of THC products the 8-year-old won a youth hockey tournament

Redl explained that his son, who went with his grandson to the tournament, ponied up $10 on raffle tickets and then handed them to the child to bid on whichever prizes he adored. In regards to the prize pack that Redl’s grandson would ultimately win, he said, “All he saw was like chocolate and chocolate fondue and he put a ticket in this bag. And then at the end of the tournament, the family was notified that he won the one prize and it was this prize of $200 worth of pot.”

After getting the call informing him of the win, the child’s dad went to pick up the prize. He then sent images of the bundle to Redl. The photos display vanilla chai, various chocolate edibles, and other marijuana products — all stamped with the octagonal, red THC symbol of legal pot. There was too what seemed to be a lighter and a pipe included. Redl expressed that when they had to clarify to his grandson that the prize contained medicine and that he, thereby, couldn’t consume any of it, “he was mad.” “My grandson thought he won a great prize,” added Redl. “‘Dad, I won chocolate!’ ‘No, son, there’s bad drugs in the chocolate.’ How do you explain that to a kid?”


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