Chewbacca TSA Scuffle Leads To Twitter Battle: Wookie Wins

Chewbacca TSA scuffle

Chewbacca and the TSA are not the best of friends. Correction, Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew and the TSA are not on speaking terms.

The Star Wars actor was returning to his Texas home this month after attending the Denver Comic Con convention when his lightsaber cane was taken away by overstepping TSA officers.

Mayhew was heading towards his American Airlines flight when a team of TSA officials confronted the 7 foot, 2 inch tall Mayhew about his cane.

The cane is shaped and colored to look like a lightsaber and apparently the TSA was worried it would be used for the dark side.

Realizing he was about to miss his flight the 69-year-old Mayhew took to his popular @TheWookieRoars account on Twitter.

“In the caffufel of the cane.” And “Giant man need giant cane… small cane snap like toothpick…. besides … my light saber cane is just cool.. I would miss it.”

The Chewbacca TSA scuffle soon came to an end and Mayhew tweeted the following message to his followers:

Following the Chewbacca TSA scuffle one fan tweeted “Just learned Star Wars lesson #1: “Let the Wookie Win.”

Let this be a lesson to the TSA, you can mess with terrorists all you want but when it comes to Star Wars it’s always a good idea to back off.



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  1. I think it's understandable that the TSA would want to check it out (not just 'cause it's cool) but it makes sense that they gave it back if it doesn't go against any rules:)

  2. Omg…seriously?

    Wonder if Luke Skywalker is listed on the "do not fly" list as a potential terrorist…