#CancelNancyGrace Viral On Twitter: Host Blames The Ultimate Warrior’s Death On Steroids

The Ultimate Warrior and CancelNancyGrace

One week after #CancelColbert hit Twitter, a new #CancelNancyGrace version has surfaced. The hashtag was started by angry WWE fans after Nancy Grace blamed The Ultimate Warrior’s death on steroids.

On her popular show Grace told WWE legend Diamond Dallas Page, “So many wrestlers dead. Now accusations of steroids and illegal drugs swirling … let’s take a look at wrestlers who died young.”

At the bottom of the screen a scrolling graphic ticker then proceeded to list dead WWE stars, including Rick McGraw (30-years-old), Buzz Sawyer (32-years-old), and Owen Hart (33-years-old).

James Brian Hellwig AKA The Ultimate Warrior, collapsed while walking with his wife to their car at an Arizona hotel. The Ultimate Warrior was 54-years-old at the time of his death.

Speaking about steroids Page tells Nancy Grace, “We all used it back in the day.” He then explains that The Ultimate Warrior was actually looking smaller in recent years and even “looked good” the last time they met.

The #CancelNancyGrace hashtag is also being used by angry WWE fans because she placed Owen Hart’s name next to steroid death. Hart passed away after falling to the wrestling mat during a freak accident. As one fan writes: “I don’t understand why Nancy Grace has the forum that she does to skew info. Owen Hart died from a fall not from steroids #CancelNancyGrace.”

The #CancelNancyGrace hashtag has become a worldwide trending term on Twitter because of comments like these:




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