Can You Spot The Six Words In These Picture Puzzles?

Sometimes, all you need to take a quick break and treat your brain to something fun is a cute puzzle.

We here at SocialNewsDaily understand what it’s like to be a grownup: it’s not exactly everything we had hoped for as kids, there’s bills to pay, and we’re not quite yet where we’d planned to be at six or seven years old. We’ll find consolation in our hobbies, the things we enjoy, the occasional holiday, or the next fun meal. Oh, and if we’re stuck at work and can’t quite break away and play the way we want to, there’s always Facebook.

But Facebook isn’t quite the 100% happy place you hope it’l be, but you can choose — it’s either you choose to wallow in Facebook Envy in all the photos and updates of the seemingly exciting lives of your more successful friends… or you can give yourself a break and work on a picture puzzle.

It’s actually healthier for you. Try spotting the six words in this picture, for starters:

Answers: novel; story; page; read; words; book

Found all the words? Feels good, doesn’t it?

Picture puzzles like these have gone viral on Facebook, and adults are sharing these images with gleeful abandon. These puzzles are actually taken from various issues of “Highlights“, a monthly children’s magazine. Despite their kiddy nature, grownups on Facebook can’t seem to get enough of them, and with a very good reason.

Answers: Iowa; orange; wow; guitar; cow; laugh;

Whenever we solve a puzzle that gives you an “aha!” moment, a the part of brain dedicated to problem-solving fires, and your reward center floods you with feelings of satisfaction.

Answers: cloud; puddle; showers; wet; storm; damp


Answers: cut; man; snow; tell; see; cool


Answers: toboggan; chill; cold; sled; frost; ice


Answers: fish; boy; tree; waves; hot; nice
Answers: garden; dig; vine; seed; farm; bloom
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