Broncos’ Shaun Phillips Posts Son’s Sweet Text After Super Bowl

Shaun Phillips Emotional Text Message

The Denver Broncos’ defensive end Shaun Phillips took to Twitter after his team’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks Sunday night to apologize for letting his fans down. Phillips also posted a message from his son, Jaylen, that helped him feel better about the 43-8 loss.

Phillips texted his son, saying, “Sorry I let you down,” but Jaylen wasn’t having any of his father’s apology. Instead, the bummed out player received this response, “It’s ok daddy u r still my hero.” Feeling a little uplifted by the response, Shaun replied, “Well at least we get to hang out now.”

The tweeted conversation gave some perspective into how the Broncos were feeling post-game, but it also shed a little light into how tough it has been for them to be away from their families in the postseason. Fans responded to the message by voicing their support of Shaun Phillips and the rest of the Broncos, who broke records this year, only to score just one touchdown and a two-point conversion against the Seahawks and their notorious defense.

While the Broncos won’t be able to celebrate a Super Bowl win this year, they do get to go home to their families for the rest of the of season.

[Image: Twitter]



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