BroApp Marketed As Clever Relationship Wingman

BroApp Marketed As Clever Relationship Wingman

The BroApp is one of the newest Android apps, marketed as a clever relationship wingman. For less than the purchase price of $2, this application is designed to automatically send sweet little texts to your girlfriend/wife/partner on a schedule.

You simply program in your partner’s phone number into the BroApp, select/add some less than schmaltzy, generic messages, and schedule the time of day when you want them sent. That’s it. Thus – per the hammed up marketing tagline – allowing you “more time with the Bros.”

In order to conceal the use of the program, the BroApp detects whether or not your significant other is within a certain vicinity — aka the no Bro zone — that way it won’t out you with a not-so-well timed text while you’re sitting right next to her. The app will also delay messages if you’ve recently corresponded with your partner’s text-assigned phone number.

A relationship worth having requires a little effort — remembering key dates, making and keeping plans; all requiring a significant time investment. But speaking as a woman, I wouldn’t be particularly thrilled or feel special if I realized I’d been receiving “thinking of you” messages on a pre-scheduled basis. While the use of the app may be well-intentioned, the sentiment behind the received texts seems like they would be a little hollow. The BroApp could be seen as just another media tool that further emotionally separates us.

Personally, I’d take a loving handwritten post-it over a randomly generated text any day.

[Photo Credit: BroApp Ad Screen Capture]

Kokou Adzo

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