Britney Spears Goes Brunette And Twitter Erupts With Discussion About Her Hair

Britney Spears is Brunette

Britney Spears has ditched her blonde hairstyle for a more conservative brunette look. The singers decision has sent Twitter fans into a debate over when she performs at her best.

Some fans love the singers brunette hairstyle, while others truly believe that “nothing good happens” when Spears changes her hairstyle away from its trademark blonde look.

The new hairstyle color arrives by way of a pitch for her ‘Fantasy’ perfume:

Other photos of Britney Spears rocking her Brunette hairstyle were posted from the Planet Hollywood stage in Las Vegas:

So what do fans think of the brunette look? Here are a few reactions:

Not all fans are in love with the brunette look:

InStyle took the chance to send out a Britney Spears brunette hairstyle pic from 1998:

The singers tweet has received more than 2590 retweets and 5100 favorites.

Chime in Social News Daily readers — do you like Spears as a blonde or a brunette?



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