Bree Olson Can’t Decide On Super Bowl Team, Posts Sexy Photos Instead

bree olson twitter

Bree Olson is having a bit of a football identity crisis. The former porn star and twitterholic made the trip down to New Orleans this year to watch Super Bowl XLVII but she hasn’t decided what team to root for yet.

Olson started tweeting about her trip to New Orleans earlier this week and proudly declared that she “loved the 49ers.” A few minutes later, however, Olson declared her loyalty to the Baltimore Ravens.

Olsen is cheering for the Ravens!

No, the 49ers!

Yes, it really is the 49ers!

Oh no, it’s the Ravens again.

Olsen put on new shirts, took off old shirts, strapped on booty shorts, got naked and picked up footballs all night long as she tried to decide who to root for for Super Bowl XLVII.

After a night of costume changes, Olson may have finally made up her mind.

Once Olsen landed in New Orleans she had a Twitter Q&A. Thanks to @zgas1313, the world finally knows who Bree Olson will be rooting for at the Super Bowl.



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