Breast Cancer Patient Documents Fight With Cancer In Amazing Time-Lapse Video

Breast Cancer Time Lapse

Emily Helck, a New Jersey resident, was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2012. Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for herself, Emily decided to capture her cancer battle in weekly photographs. Helck then turned those photographs into a time lapse video.

The one-minute long video was posted to YouTube on September 29 and has already racked up 282,825 views.

In the video the 29-year-old cancer survivor offers an honest look at her physical transformation as she underwent chemotherapy treatment. From shaving her head to losing weight and wearing drainage tubes, Helck leaves nothing on the table.

Among her treatments were a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and a course of the drug Herceptin.

The video was first posted on Emily’s blog “Real Tumors of New Jersey” where she writes:

“I feel, I don’t know, separate from this person somehow, even though the last photos are from just a few days ago,” she wrote in her blog. “I feel like the girl in the photos made it through pretty unscathed, though the look on her face sometimes makes me sad.”

Emily Helck’s breast cancer video is viral and inspiring millions of women, in the meantime she is currently undergoing reconstruction surgery.

James Kosur

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