Breaking Bad Spoilers: Five Things That Won’t Happen In The Finale

breaking bad

Breaking Bad will be coming to an end this Sunday and fans just can’t wait to see what happens to Walter White.

[If you haven’t watched last week’s episode you might want to stop reading now. Spoilers lie below.]

Here’s what we know so far: Walt is going to buy a military grade machine gun. He’s going to obtain a ricin pill. He’s also going to order some pancakes at a diner.

Here’s what we don’t know: Who will Walt use his machine gun on? The safe money is on Uncle Jack and his band of Nazis but they might not be the only targets of Walt’s wrath. Will he go after Gretchen? Lydia? Todd? Will he take on the DEA and try to win back his family? Will he kill his family? Will Walt and Walt Jr. ever have breakfast together again?

Those are all some very important questions that will be answered this Sunday. Until then, let’s look at some of the things that won’t happen on the Breaking Bad finale.

1.) Walt Joins The Witness Protection Program, Gets A New Family With A Genius Middle Child

Since the start of Breaking Bad there have been plenty of theories about its connection to Malcolm In The Middle. Hal and Walt both love walking around in tightie whities and both characters will do anything for their families. Now that Walt has lost the love of his family and now that he has the DEA on his tail, maybe Walt will make a run for it to a nice quiet suburb and start over.

2.) The Usual Suspects Meet Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has been hailed by many as the greatest show to ever hit the small screen. That sort of show deserves a memorable ending. Something so spectacular and so surprising that people will be talking about it for years.

No one suspects the guy with the limp. (If you haven’t watch The Usual Suspects the video below contains spoile…. you know what. It came out in 1995. Warning revoked.)

3.) Meth Wives: Walt Skips Town And Skyler Cashes In On A New Reality Show

One of the reasons that Breaking Bad is so great is that it is a pretty realistic show. And what’s more realistic in today’s world than a person cashing in on their fifteen minutes of fame.

That probably won’t happen on AMC but other stations have already started cashing in on Breaking Bad’s popularity.

4.) Jesse Escapes Again. This Time With Magnets.

Breaking Bad fans have learned three important things about Jesse: He loves science, he loves magnets, and he loves the word “bitch.” Wouldn’t it be appropriate if Jesse found the strength to escape with the help of things that he learned from Walt.

jesse magnets

5.) The World Falls Apart, Everyone Dies. The Show Ends With A Shot Of Huell Sitting Alone In The Apartment.

The last time we saw Huell he was sitting on a couch in an apartment waiting for the DEA to get back from their drug bust. Of course, Hank and Gomie didn’t survive the bust. So what happens to Huell?

breaking bad

How do you think Breaking Bad will end?

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