Brandon Weeden Gets The Sarah Mclachlan Treatment

Brandon Weeden's tribute video online is priceless

Brandon Weeden was released by the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday in a move that surprised nobody.

In two seasons as the Browns’ signal caller, Weeden threw 23 touchdowns and 26 interceptions. Drafted at the ripe old age of 28, those stats are about as good as Weeden is going to get.

The Browns and new head coach Mike Pettine recognized that, and released Weeden. The team also released backup/starting quarterback Jason Campbell.

Campbell will probably have an easier time finding a new team than Weeden.

At least one fan will miss Brandon Weeden. That fan is so sad to see him go, they made a tribute video of their fallen quarterback set to Sarah Mclachlan’s song I Will Remember You. The heartbreaking video shows some of Weeden’s best moments in Cleveland:

Okay, maybe it’s not Brandon Weeden’s best moments, more like his “best” moments. He clearly won’t be missed.

Without Weeden the Browns will probably look to the draft for a quarterback… again. Of course, if they’re smart, they will give Brian Hoyer a shot to start next season.

At 28-years-old, Hoyer showed promise in place of Weeden last season before tearing his ACL.

Brandon Weeden’s tribute should serve as a touching reminder to NFL teams that fans care about who is under center. With the number four overall pick in the draft, maybe the Browns should listen to the fans and take a serious look at Johnny Manziel.

[Photo Credit: Erik Daniel Drost]

Scott Croker

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