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Unclaimed cargo

A B2B Discount platform exists to help the suppliers, and the buyers connect and make a deal that will satisfy both. Working around the globe for businesses engaged in foreign trade, B2B Discount offers the best service. It gives access to the database comprising many foreign-trade companies, which allows for finding the right business connections fast.

Unlike regular trading platforms, like Amazon or Ali Express, B2B Discount helps sell unclaimed cargo, which is a specific type of merchandise.

What Is Unclaimed Cargo? Why Cargo Changes Its Status to Unclaimed

There exists a misconception about unclaimed cargo that we’d like to clarify. There is an opinion that unclaimed cargo refers to spoiled or somehow damaged products. But in reality, this has nothing to do with the quality of goods. The cargo may be unclaimed for several reasons:

  • Unpredictable event. The pandemic and war in Ukraine have been the latest examples of such events. With some ports being unable to accept ships from around the world, the owners of the cargo faced the problem of selling their products to customers based in other countries as their goods became unclaimed.
  • Personal issues on the consignee’s part. Despite the contract being signed and a certain part of payment processed, some circumstances can make the buyer unable to complete the deal, and they refuse goods. Usually, this happens due to financial reasons, like bankruptcy.
  • Expiry of the importer’s license. Companies that have failed to renew their licensing documents cannot import goods from other countries. And while the contracts may be signed, the receiving country cannot import the cargo.
  • The changes in import regulations may also become an obstacle for the goods import and customs clearance. So suppliers need to look for other consignees.
  • Unforeseen embargos and sanctions may also be the reason the cargo gets this status.

While financial losses on the part of the receiving company are usually insignificant, the selling company may get into trouble if it doesn’t find the other consignee fast. Luckily, the B2B Discount platform allows for solving such problems briefly.

Why Would Suppliers Sell Through B2B Discount?

Traders that have lost customers after the cargo has already been shipped need to find the other consignee for financial reasons. The charges they’ll have to pay for demurrage and port storage of containers or cargo are huge, so there’s no chance they can return their investments and earn money if this happens.

Besides, the cargo owner will have troubles with the shipping line, which will again hit their pocket. So the only possible way out of such a situation is to find the other consignee that will buy the merchandise. This allows the supplier to cover the shipment expenses at least partially and avoid significant financial loss.

Conditions to Sell Unclaimed Cargo at B2B Discount Platform

Suppliers seeking assistance selling their unclaimed goods can find needed support at B2B Discount. Our managers provide legal and tech support 24/7, so we are always there for you.

Can any company sell cargo at B2B Discount? Our international trading platform works with businesses from around the globe. To place your offer on our platform, you should register your company’s individual account and then proceed to the Unclaimed cargo section. There, find the Add offer button and fill out the form.

Our global trading platform charges zero fees for registration and connecting buyers and sellers. We pay special attention to the legal status of containers and cargo offered for sale on our platform. Each offer is verified by our managers. They check the shipping documents and photo materials before placing the offer into open access. This way, we guarantee 100% protection from fraud.

The abandoned B2B cargo can be displayed for sale at B2B Discount on condition there is a discount ranging from 5 to 90 percent of the initial price. We believe this is a fair deal for the supplier who wants to sell the abandoned cargo and the buyer who wants to get quality goods at a good price.

Still, B2B Discount is not involved in any financial operations or deals between the suppliers and consignees. Our job is done when the two interested parties find each other and connect to discuss the details.

How Can You Benefit from Using B2B Discount

There are plenty of reasons to choose B2B Discount as your B2B Cargo selling platform. Check out some of the benefits you can enjoy with us.

  • Minimization of risks. If you are not sure the consignee completes the deal and want to have a backup buyer, B2B Discount can help you with that. We keep the information about the cargo and the company’s contacts anonymous unless you want to make it open. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to find potential backup customers without letting your actual consignee know about that. And if anything goes wrong, you are ready to handle the situation.
  • Fast and easy search for unclaimed goods for sale. We have a large client base, which allows finding the best price and quality offers from companies working around the globe.
  • B2B Discount can help you prevent financial losses and develop your export business.
  • We have implemented the cargo and containers tracking system so that potential customers can track the location of goods they are interested in.
  • Our platform displays the best price offers for goods. The suppliers reduce selling prices by 5 – 90%, depending on the urgency of the situation and the potential financial losses in case they fail to find a new customer.

The main goal of a B2B Discount is to help international suppliers and buyers meet and enter into a contract on the best terms for each party. Our trading platform plays the role of an independent intermediary and is equally interested in supporting each company’s interests in trading internationally.

If you are looking for a trustworthy platform for global trade, B2B Discount is the best choice whether you want to sell unclaimed cargo or buy goods cheaply.

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