Anti-Gay Senator Dan Patrick Accidentally Supports Gay Marriage

Dan Patrick and Gay Marriage Support

GOP Texas State Senator Dan Patrick wanted to post an anti-gay message on Wednesday, instead he said marriage is between “One Man One Man”

Using his official @DanPatrick account, the Texas politician posted, and then quickly removed his original message.

Thanks to the magic of internet screenshots we have the original tweet to share:Dan Patrick Supports Gays

The Texas politician then added:

Dan Patrick Supports Gays By Accident

Obviously those two tweets don’t go together. In fact, Patrick was forced to continue his anti-gay crusade through several tweets, an obvious attempt to cement his actual position on the topic.

We get it Dan Patrick, you don’t like gays. Although, there was something really Freudian with your original comment. Is there something you want to tell us?

Twitter users have not been kind to his bigotry, here are a few people who attacked his tweets that defend “traditional marriage.”

With more states creating gay marriage rights laws, this is probably not the last time we will hear from Dan Patrick.

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