Amtrak Responds To Passengers Upset By Delays, Cancellations

Amtrak Customer Service Polar Vortex

Amtrak isn’t getting along too well with the polar vortex wreaking havoc on the United States. However, the company’s social media manager is doing what he (or she) can to help out by placating customers, responding to inquiries, and thanking everyone for their likely overstretched patience.

Thanks to the incredible cold, three trains were stuck in Illinois overnight, dozens of others are delayed, and the company’s trains are “one tracking” between parts of New Jersey and New York.

Still, Amtrak’s Twitter account is full of replies to passengers who, for the most part, appear to be taking the issues in stride, though some are less than pleased with the annoying delays.

Thankfully, it looks like the polar vortex, and most of Amtrak’s issues, will be gone soon.



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