Americans and their Funny Twitter Reactions to Stimulus Checks

Image Source: Makeameme

Twitter reactions to stimulus checks are hilarious! Everything that could go wrong already went wrong. From an original promised $600 to a proposed $2000, and back to $600. This is followed by delayed payments across the country, where some people are getting their stimulus checks (popularly referred to as Stimmy on the social media platform) five days late. Americans are finding humor in this delicate situation.

Whenever anything is happening politically in the US, Twitter is the best place to go for some humor breaks. Here are some of the funniest Twitter reactions to stimulus checks:

Stimulus checks have existed in the US for years. Here’s one from 2009. Image Source: Wikimedia commons

Casually waiting for the stimmy

Me waiting for my stimulus check to hit my bank account #StimulusCheck

— Karen Gomez (@lovelyyyykarenn) December 30, 2020

Don’t matter as long as it’s money

Getting impatient

Got to e-mail these Senators

Hidden in chocolate bars, eh?

Undeniable generosity

Has it arrived yet?

Only a hundred left!

A blockbuster ticket instead of a Stimmy

I’ll just wait up by the ATM

They might have forgotten me, too

A humorous break from this ridiculous reality

Well, where is it?

It is not enough, but it is better than nothing

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