American Airlines Terrorist Threat Gains Teen Thousands Of New Twitter Followers

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A young Twitter user found herself in federal trouble today after she made some insanely idiotic threats to American Airlines. On the bright side, she did gain a few thousand Twitter followers.

The whole fiasco started this morning when Sarah, AKA Queen Demetriax, sent a threatening message to American Airlines. The tweet has been deleted but a screenshot is still floating around the internet.

American Airlines did the right thing by reporting the message to authorities. You never know when someone is joking or not and Sarah could have seriously been planning some sort of attack.

Of course, if we look at the messages Sarah posted after her idiotic terrorist threat, we can deduce a few things about the young tweeter. First, she probably isn’t planning an attack. Second, she clearly doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. Third, she may have found the stupidest way in the world to gain Twitter followers.

Queen Demetriax’s rise to fame was exciting at first but then the young woman started to regret her actions. She pleaded with the internet to leave her alone and repeatedly told them that her message was “just a joke.”

The entire situation is pretty bizarre and some people are calling it a hoax? How could someone be so stupid? Why does the user image keep changing? Is this Sarah or Demetria? Others doubt that American Airlines actually has any information regarding this account. Why would they delete that message?

There are many unanswered questions about Sarah, Queen Demetriax, and American Airlines but here’s one thing we know for sure: DO NOT JOKE ABOUT TERRORIST ACTS. Especially on a public forum. ESPECIALLY to an airline!

Because if you do you are going to end up on the front page of the internet as the feds start an investigation into you’re online activities. On the bright side, of course, you’ll be comforted by thousands of new followers as they haul you off to prison.

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