Amara Introduces Crowdsourced YouTube Captioning

Amara - YouTube Crowdsourced Captioning

YouTube has offered closed captioning capabilities for quite some time, unfortunately many video producers have not taken the time to use the feature. Now the team at Amara is attempting to remedy that issue with a new crowd sourced translation and captioning system.

To use the app YouTube users simply sync their account with Amara and then invite viewers to add their own captions. Participants can also translate videos into other languages and translate current captions that have already made available. Users can also suggest an edit without focusing on formatting or the timing of the words.

YouTube will benefit from the service by providing better support for the hearing impaired and viewers who might watch videos at work if sound is disabled.

By subtitling more videos Google can also better index keywords which will help with search engine optimization.

Amara notes that its proof of concept has already proven effective, the KONY 2012 video was translated into 20 languages in one day using the platform.

More than 300 users connected their accounts to the Amara platform upon its launch on Tuesday.

Popular languages being used on the Amara platform include Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and Portuguese.

Do you plan on helping Amara connected YouTube publishers extend their reach with captioning and translation?



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