A Sickening New Video Has Surfaced Of A Girl Getting Pepper Sprayed At A Donald Trump Rally

A sickening new video has been released of a 15-year-old girl getting pepper sprayed at a Donald Trump rally.

Donald Trump Pepper spray
Donald Trump Pepper spray

ABC News recently released a video of a girl getting pepper sprayed at a Donald Trump rally, and the sickening video comes only a day after Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was arrested on a simple assault charge for assaulting reporter Michele Fields at a rally in Florida. Lewandowski turned himself in to police and Donald Trump is standing by his manager. The video, which we’ve included doesn’t seem all that conclusive, but Fields did tweet an image of her bruised arm.

Trump immediately launched a smear campaign against Feilds that has been reasonably successful, and extremely successful among his supporters. The reporter had this to say on that subject.

But the new video that’s just surfaced is sickening. CBS and Time recently reported that the girl who was pepper sprayed at the Donald Trump was only 15-years-old.

Here’s the video from a different angle that shows the girl punching one of the Trump supporters, though I’d hardly call it a punch.

At the end of the video, while the girl is fleeing from the crowd there’s a chilling moment where a man wearing one of the Donald Trump signature “Make America Great Again” hats screams “god**** communist, n****r lover, get out of here”. The man then turned to his friends and released a laugh that reminded me a bit of the white guys that rape the black girl in A Time To Kill. The police released a statement saying that they were searching for the individual who pepper sprayed the girl.

Twitter had some things to say about the incident.

Trump’s Twitter has been silent on the pepper spray incident though they have increased their smear campaign toward Michelle Fields. It seems the American political system is falling into anarchy, and I doubt that this is the last time somebody will be pepper sprayed at a Trump rally.

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