7 Different Ideas for Your Instagram Stories

Millions of people post on Instagram daily. Plus, most of the users on Instagram gain more interest in your product or brand after watching Instagram stories. Also, most of the viewed stories are from Instagram business accounts. Instagram stories are a great opportunity for every business to boost their brand by sharing various things with their Instagram followers. If you ever use a private Instagram viewer app then you will find out that successful influencers post stories regularly on their wall. Instagram stories are engaging, fun and you do not need them to be picture perfect for they disappear in 24 hours. Therefore, what can you post on your Instagram stories? Below are some ideas you can try.

1. Promote your latest podcast episode or blog post 

Do you release content daily? Use Instagram stories to promote it. To do this, create a new episode or new post graphic and use it for every post. Type the title on the graphic title space to keep them up to date and fresh. So, with the many people viewing stories today. Drive them back to your blog posts to increase reach. This is agreat way to make people go and read your various blog posts on your website.

2. Share testimonials, quotes and reviews

Use your stories to share testimonials, reviews, or quotes. Share reviews with your audiences aboutother people using your product or service. Thus, screenshot a review or testimonial, and share it with your story. There is no need to stress designing it as they disappear after 24 hours. Also, share inspirational quotes, choose to motivate your followers, and do this through sharing some of your favorite quotes. Plus, you can choose to edit the background color to look like your brand’s and copy-paste the motivational quote over it.

3. Ask questions and answer FAQs 

Use the question sticker on your stories to interact with your followers. Ask your audience a question, and after, share the answers they give to your Instagram stories. In this way, you learn more about them and do customer research. Also, be proactive and answer the frequently asked questions about yourservice or product in your stories. Do this by creating graphics with the questions and answers or a video. The audience has different questions, and you can use this category to cater to all of them regularly.

4. Product demo

Use the stories for doing a demo of your products. You can also do this if you are in the service business. Show your followers a product you use every day and let them see what it is and how you use it. This content is valuable and engaging to your audience. Plus, you can share tips on using the product. This shows yourexpertise in what you do. Plus, share more on the same, as often as you like once a week.

5. Spotlight team members or clients 

People connect with other people in simple ways and gestures. For people to connect to your brand, show them who is present in the growth and success of your brand. Spotlight your employee if they do not mind and share what they love, who they are, and why you love working with them. Also, showcase your clients if you are a solopreneur. Do this once in a while and appreciate them.

6. Shout out to other accounts

Do you know others doing what you also do? Or those you love their work? A personal friend you want topromote? You can use your stories space to share such stories and not limit it to sharing tips, questions, and polls. People need to know you admire their work, service to people, motivation, and that you are happy to be in the same industry with them. Also, it is a way to introduce your audience to new leaders, and you build a relationship with the influencer more and better.

7. Favorites 

Everyone has things that are their favorite things. You do not have to share them all, but showing the current favorites is a good topic. You can share your favorite tools and apps. Some things you can share are your favorite coffee flavor, your new comfy socks, your latest read, among many others. The idea is to share something personal your audience will find valuable.


Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a seasoned professional with a strong background in growth strategies and editorial responsibilities. Kokou has been instrumental in driving companies' expansion and fortifying their market presence. His academic credentials underscore his expertise; having studied Communication at the Università degli Studi di Siena (Italy), he later honed his skills in growth hacking at the Growth Tribe Academy (Amsterdam).


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