6 digital marketing strategies that will get you real results

As an entrepreneur, you surely know that if you want to thrive in the current business landscape, you have to perfect your digital marketing skills. However, creating an effective digital marketing strategy is a lot easier said than done, even for seasoned entrepreneurs who are not on their first rodeo.

Digital marketing is a broad and complex field, encompassing a wide range of techniques and practices that can help business owners achieve their goals, so it can be difficult to figure out what strategies you should employ. There are many variables that come into play in ensuring the success of a digital marketing campaign. You have to consider factors such as your target audience, the customer journey, previous campaign performances, metrics, funding, or the results you want to achieve, whether it’s generating more leads, improving conversion rates, reducing bounce rate, building brand awareness, or increasing sales.

Therefore, it’s impossible to come up with a digital marketing recipe that will work for everyone. However, there are certain strategies that have proved time and time again that they can drive real results for businesses in all industries and niches. Assuming you’ve already done your homework and set a solid foundation for the success of your future marketing campaigns, it’s time to turn your attention toward the best tactics and methods to employ. So, here are 6 tried-and-true digital marketing strategies that are bound to get you the results you expect.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO is a digital marketing practice comprising a variety of techniques and strategies meant to help websites rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP) and thus boost online visibility. SEO campaigns usually include both on-page and off-page strategies, such as keyword research, content optimisation, URL optimization, backlinking, etc.

All in all, a proper SEO strategy can bring you closer to your audience and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. So, if this sounds like a foreign language to you, it’s time to get educated on SEO practices and learn how to use them to your advantage. Or, better yet, you can let an SEO company in London do the heavy lifting for you and help you improve your online presence.

Social media marketing

With social media becoming such an integral part of our lives, we have no doubt you’ve already jumped on the bandwagon and created accounts on the most popular social media platforms out there. But do you know how to make the most of your social media presence? It’s one thing to be on social media and a whole different thing to know how to use it strategically as part of your digital marketing strategy.

First of all, you have to choose the right social media channels – the ones that are most relevant to your target audience. Then, you have to study these platforms, see how people are using them and how they can help you connect with your audience. Finally, this will help you create an effective messaging strategy to keep your customers engaged and win their trust and loyalty.

Effective CTAs

Whether they engage with you through your social media accounts or your website, your customers don’t want to wander around looking for clues on what they have to do next, so you shouldn’t leave them guessing. That’s where calls to action or CTAs come into play, acting like signposts that tell users what actions they have to take, thus ensuring a simpler and smoother customer journey.

Without clear CTAs, users would have trouble navigating pages, which can negatively impact conversion rates. It’s therefore recommended to pay extra attention to the CTAs you use on your pages and make sure they support your purpose and send out the message you’re trying to convey.

Mobile optimisation

A well-designed website represents the foundation of all your marketing efforts. In most cases, it’s the first point of contact customers have with your business, and we all know making a good first impression is extremely important, both in the real and in the virtual world. But building a great-looking website won’t help you much if you don’t take mobile optimisation into consideration as well.

Given that most users these days conduct their online searches on their smartphones or tablets, the way your website displays on mobile devices plays a crucial role in providing a great online experience for your potential customers. Therefore, you have to check your site for mobile-friendliness and make the necessary changes to ensure a mobile responsive design.

Content marketing

Content is everywhere in the digital world. Some go as far as saying it’s the most important element in digital marketing. Whether you agree with this statement or not, one thing’s for sure: you can’t build a solid digital marketing strategy without great content.

That means you have to focus your efforts on creating blog posts, guides, infographics, videos, and all other types of content for your website and social media pages. The content you put out there has to be original, relevant, informative, and provide real value to your audience. If you don’t feel you’re up to the task, it’s best to outsource content creation to a digital marketing agency, so you can produce and publish quality content faster and enjoy more flexibility.

Email marketing

There are some voices saying that email marketing is an obsolete strategy that no longer drives results, but reality teaches us differently. Although it’s an old-school digital marketing method, its effectiveness cannot be questioned. It helps you connect with people on a more personal level and nurture relationships with current and potential customers.

Apart from that, email marketing also allows you to collect feedback and data from your audience, helps you generate more traffic to your website, and improve sales. So, if you’ve been neglecting your email list, we suggest you get back into the email marketing saddle.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a seasoned professional with a strong background in growth strategies and editorial responsibilities. Kokou has been instrumental in driving companies' expansion and fortifying their market presence. His academic credentials underscore his expertise; having studied Communication at the Università degli Studi di Siena (Italy), he later honed his skills in growth hacking at the Growth Tribe Academy (Amsterdam).

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