5 Hot Celebrity Dads: Inspiration for First-time Fathers

Father's day

Ryan Gosling

This dreamy 39-year-old dad has two lovely daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, aged five and three. He and his partner, Eva Mendes, are very protective of their children. They keep them away from the spotlight when possible. The couple was silent about the pregnancy until the latter stages. The parents also made sure not to post the faces of their children on their social media. It is keeping this privacy for the kids that give them the authentic childhood experience many celebrity children do not have.

In this day and age, when social media is such an integral part of people’s lives, new dads must keep this principle in mind all the time. Children have no control, nor understanding, of what content is posted about them online.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

One of his cutest celebrity dad moments is when he posted a photo of him and his youngest daughter. The father of three exclaimed that he is ‘blessed and proud to bring another strong girl into this world’. He even gave advice to all dads-to-be out there ‘it’s critical to be by your lady’s head when she’s delivering’. He also said that watching a child being born is important to understand how powerful giving birth and having children truly is. His message implies that giving support to your partner during labor is the best way to show love and care. It is always a miracle to watch new life be brought into this world.

This dad loves posting how he spends time with his children. He even posted a photo of himself having a tea party with his daughter. It is adorable to see such a hot celebrity dad sitting in a pink tea table sipping pretend tea from a tiny cup.


Ryan Reynolds

This celebrity dad is known for tweeting hilarious jokes about his experiences with parenthood. His twitter page is loaded with fatherhood tips and tricks that many people can think can be dark sometimes. However, the essence of the joke really lies in the reality and craziness of parenthood.  He posts and delivers his tweets is so relatable that it really make parents all over the world laugh out loud.  The way he talks about his family, even in the middle of hilarity, is a tell-tale sign of how much he loves his wife and his children.

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

The family unit has developed throughout the years but the role of a father never changes. Actor Neil Patrick Harris is one of the most inspiring hot celebrity dads in Hollywood. He and his partner, David Burtka, are dads to two wonderful adoptive children. Fatherhood does not discriminate against gay fathers or adoptive fathers. Harris and Burtka are both dads in every sense of the word. Fans always look out for them during Holloween as they always have a group themed costume for their family. They love posting about the times they spend with their children – at home or even on vacation. For these dads, the most important in their family is to teach their children to be comfortable with who they are and be happy like children should be.


John Legend

This hot celebrity dad is one of the people who make it look like parenting and fatherhood is such a breeze. The way he confidently talks about his wife and children during his interviews is a clear reflection of how much he loves and supports them. He is a proud father to two young children, Luna and Miles. His social media pages are filled with pictures. That’s the kind of dedicated father he is, he is even hosting 2020’s Father’s day tribute on Good Morning America.


Jamie Oliver

Have you ever watched a cooking show done by a young boy? Well, with that kid’s knowledge in the kitchen, you can pretty tell his Chef dad keeps him involved and entertained in the kitchen. Jamie Oliver has five children, with the youngest born in 2016. One of his kids, Buddy Oliver, is a prodigy in the kitchen and it is obvious that Jamie has done a pretty good job raising him.  His dedication to his children is also obvious in the way he talks about them in his shows, and how many of his recipes are a reflection of the kind of eaters his children are. He considers many things like making sure he introduces flavor and texture to his children. He is very busy with his work and his career to keep his five children very comfortable and happy. Nevertheless, he makes sure that he never loses a day to spend with his children.

Jamie Oliver is one hot celebrity dad! Source: Pixabay

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