4x.fm Launches A New Brokerage License

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4x.fm is pleased to announce the launch of its new brokerage license, which provides improved financial protection for its clients. The authorized capital of 250k ensures that clients can trust 4x.fm with their investments and ensure their funds are secure and protected.

The new license also sets a higher standard for customer service, with improved transparency and faster resolution of complaints and disputes. With these updates, 4x.fm is prepared to compete with the best online brokerages in terms of safety and reliability.

About The Company

4x.fm is a globally famous provider of financial services that presents clients with various investment options, such as a contract for differences (CFDs), foreign exchange (FX), and cryptocurrencies.

Clients worldwide can take advantage of the opportunity to trade in over 3000 high-quality assets using our cutting-edge trading platform.

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These assets include currency, equities, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The company uses the same military-grade encryption technology as international central banks and online retailers to provide its customers with the utmost safety and privacy.

Your trading funds will always be kept in accounts that are kept separate from one another, and 4x.fm will never disclose any of your personal information to any external agency or third party. The company has a policy that guarantees there will be no hidden costs.


Our process for making deposits and withdrawals is lightning-fast, user-friendly, and supports various payment options.

Their principal objective is to liberat

e the potential for trade by applying cutting-edge technology innovation and expert financial management. This vision is constructed on the bedrock of trust that exists between the organization and its customers.

4x.fm is committed to providing its customers with the best possible trading experience that is currently accessible and continuously improving the features and services they offer. Their commitment to growth, openness and innovation are their guiding principles.

The New Brokerage License

4x.fm has recently announced the release of a new brokerage license. This new license offers users access to numerous trading instruments, including spot and margin trading, derivatives, and options.

The platform provides access to assets worldwide, giving customers access to various instruments. The new license also allows for a streamlined customer onboarding process, with the ability to open and close accounts faster than ever.

With this new license, 4x.fm is taking its customer experience to the next level and providing an even better service than ever before.

Additionally, the new brokerage license provides tighter security measures and improved anti- money laundering regulations, allowing customers to enjoy a more secure trading environment.

Alongside this, the new license includes benefits such as low transaction fees, multiple payment methods, and fast withdrawal processing times.

Furthermore, the user interface of 4x.fm has been redesigned and optimized to create a smoother trading experience for all users.

The Benefits Of The New License

4x.fm has recently launched a new brokerage license, providing its customers with the highest protection and authorized capital of 250K.

This new license is an important step forward in the company’s commitment to offering the best safety, security, and quality services. With this new license, 4x.fm can provide customers with an even higher level of security and quality assurance regarding their trading activities.