4 Things You May Need if You’ve Been in a Car Accident

car accident

There are several processes you need to complete after a car accident, but there are also several things you may need depending on the severity and type of accident you experience. Here are four things you may need if you’ve been in a car accident.

1. An Attorney

After certain accidents, you may need an attorney. People typically require legal representation if they’re sued or otherwise found to be at fault for the accident, are injured and want to serve another party involved with a lawsuit or are involved in a legal dispute related to insurance coverage. If this is the case, look for one who practices in your area, because he or she will be most familiar with that jurisdiction’s traffic laws. For example, if you live in Michigan, look for Michigan car accident lawyers.

2. An Inspection

Get your car inspected after an accident to ensure everything is still in working order and the vehicle is safe to drive. You may choose to schedule a full inspection or only request inspections for specific systems or parts of the car. Any part of the car that sustained damage should be inspected after it is repaired. You may also choose to have the seatbelts, suspension and diagnostic trouble codes inspected. After the accident, note any differences in your car’s drivability and get them checked.

3. Insurance Information

After checking whether any parties involved in the accident are injured and calling the police, you should exchange insurance information if possible. If people are injured, this may not be a priority. If you’re unable to exchange information at the scene, do so as soon as possible. This helps you file insurance claims quickly and efficiently.

4. A Damage Appraisal

Your insurance provider likely includes appraisal provisions in its policies. These provisions allow parties involved in accidents to request appraisals to resolve monetary reimbursement and settlement disputes. If you request or demand an appraisal, your insurance company and the insurance companies of other involved parties bring in appraisers to review the facts of the accident and come to an agreement about the amounts.

It’s a good idea to learn what you may need after a car accident in advance. That way, you’ll be more prepared in the event of an accident and better able to take care of things. Take some time to review these needs while learning to drive, preparing to buy a car or updating your insurance policy.

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