20 Best Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2022

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YouTube is quickly becoming a popular social media channel across the globe. Actually, this online video-sharing platform has over 2 billion active users. Also, the level of video consumption has tremendously grown because visuals are more powerful. This has created endless possibilities not only for content creators but also for businesses.

Visual content is said to connect with audiences much better than text. In fact, it tends to leave a more lasting impression than other types of content. Videos communicate emotions, and viewers find them more relatable. As a result, businesses have included YouTube in their social media marketing strategy.

Indeed, a well-made video can promote your brand as well as drive your conversions. The following tools can help you create the best videos that can help you get the most out of your videos and YouTube channel.

Agorapulse: This social media management tool supports the YouTube channel using its great features. You can monitor multiple channels and engage your fans in real-time. The tool offers a separate inbox that helps you organize comments from the viewers. You can easily spot nasty comments, check mentions, monitor trolls, save common replies and manage more than one YouTube channel and multiple social networks.

Biteable: The video-creation tool helps users make professional-looking videos and create animations easily. In fact, you can produce onboarding videos, animated videos, and explainer videos with Biteable. The tool offers numerous templates for making different types of videos, social media sharing options, and more than 800,000 stock footage clips.

Bitly: Content creators want to promote their content on multiple marketing channels. They achieve that by adding links to their YouTube videos and channel. However, some links are messy, unappealing, and too long. Bitly shortens any link to keep the description tidy.

Brand24: The tool enables users to gather social media insights regarding their brand and products. In fact, they can get a real-time notification whenever they’re mentioned online. Brand24 is a great tool that can help you understand the feelings of your audience about your videos. You can use this information to improve your future content.

BuzzSumo: The majority of YouTube content creators find it hard to craft compelling topics and titles for their video content. However, all video content should be relevant and trending to attract an audience. BuzzSumo was launched to help users identify trending video content on YouTube. You find them using the tool’s social search feature and get inspiration to create similar YouTube videos.

Camtasia: The tool handles screen recording and video editing. Recording your screen with a smartphone or camera is not efficient. Additionally, you can’t show people what you’re explaining, and it will be hard for them to follow along or the instructions. Camtasia is a perfect software for screen recordings, editing, marking up videos, and adding effects. It’s the best tool for users creating video tutorials because it allows you to show keystrokes and record your mouse movements. You can also add notes and annotations like arrows, highlights, and captions.

Canva: The YouTube marketing tool assists users in making beautiful high-quality images to use on video content. You can create YouTube channel banners and art in various fonts and layouts. The tool has a paid version with advanced features and a free version with pretty much to use features. It also has a bigger library of photos and illustrations to choose from.

CoSchedule: This is a perfect tool for all YouTube marketers because it reminds them of the basics, such as the headline of the video. The majority of users concentrate more on preparing the core video content. Although this is important, some basics are incredibly crucial, and if ignored, your content will not be discovered in search results by your YouTube subscribers. Therefore CoSchedule assists users in creating compelling or perfect headlines with the combination of the right keywords in order to improve traffic to the YouTube channel and content.

Creator Academy: This is a YouTube resource that helps users discover courses and tutorials about how they can do things on this platform. It’s a perfect tool for beginners because it teaches the basics such as uploading, editing, and shooting videos for their channel. They also learn tips and tricks that make their life easier when managing their YouTube channel and how to monetize it.

Hootsuite: The platform offers multiple tools to help users manage their social media marketing strategy. For instance, you can schedule your YouTube video uploads to other social networks. You can collaborate with others to improve your content on YouTube and assign tasks to your team members. Further, the tool tracks your engagement metrics and provides reports that you can use to enhance certain aspects or retain the successful ones.

Keyword Tool: The platform gives suggestions for YouTube keywords that you can use for tags, titles, and descriptions. Keyword Tool offers long-tail keyword suggestions to help you optimize your channel the same way you do to a website for Google. You can also use Keyword Tool to generate keywords for Amazon, Bing, Google, and other search engines. This helps you benefit from more traffic and a higher ranking in all your channels as your videos are found in organic searches.

Pixlr: Content creators on YouTube use thumbnails to get more views and clicks on their videos. You can create performing thumbnails using Pixlr and images to your video content and add layers and effects to an image. The tool has tons of photo editing options, and you can use it for your visual content needs. It has both mobile and web apps.

Social Blade: The tool tracks various statistics on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. The aim is to improve social media marketing strategy effectively. Social Blade shows video views, subscribers, estimated earnings and compares three channels simultaneously. The statistics show your performance against competing channels. Other features tell you which YouTube creators are from multi-channel networks or management agencies, tutorials for beginners, and consulting services to grow your channel.

TubeBuddy: The tool helps beginners to advanced-level users manage their YouTube channels. In fact, users can integrate mobile apps and the free browser extension into the channel. Other key features include advanced keyword research, comment filters, templates, and schedule posts.

Tubics: YouTube views don’t come easily. But YouTube marketing tools such as Tubics can help you master your SEO game. The tool gives you keyword suggestions, real-time content analysis, and SEO insights. Other key features include keyword research, competitor analysis, YouTube tag suggestions, and video thumbnails.

Tubular Insights (Formerly ReelSEO): Users want updates of the latest trends, analyses, or tips for improving their video marketing strategy. Tubular Insights has experts who offer guidelines and advice to help marketers produce high-quality video content. The software tracks all video content from platforms and devices across the world and breaks them down by trends. Then it uses this data to prepare guides that help content creators generate relevant and timely videos for their audience. You can also see the top YouTube creators and stories about their success stories.

VidIQ: The tool is certified by YouTube to help brands and marketers grow the number of subscribers. VidIQ focuses on metrics like social media shares, watch-time, and tags. It monitors and tracks engagement metrics on YouTube and other social networks like Facebook to help you see who is interacting with your content. This is crucial because it enables you to meet their needs by creating appealing videos as well as marketing to them. Further, you can generate a detailed report which helps you improve your YouTube channel. You can use influencers on this platform or SEO tools to create excellent tools.

Vyond: Users can easily create animated YouTube videos using this platform. In fact, you can create professional-quality videos using pretty simple drag-and-drop actions, change backgrounds, add voice-overs, pops, characters, and much more with a simple click.

Woobox: The tool helps users promote their YouTube content on multiple channels. You can post your YouTube videos directly on a Facebook tab, and your fans will not be redirected to a different page. That means your target audience can still view your videos without visiting YouTube. Woobox helps users to get more subscribers and convert followers into customers.

YouTube Studio: The YouTube app enables content creators to manage their channels from mobile devices. This is crucial for users who take their channel seriously because the app helps them handle time-sensitive issues immediately without a computer. Content creators can monitor the performance of their channels in real-time, respond to comments as well as filter them. Further, they can receive push notifications on their phones about important events, update the channel from anywhere, or control the monetization settings scheduling, thumbnails, etc.

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