15 Blockchain Companies Changing the Future

Into researching blockchain technology and options are mega techs IBM and US and European banks. IBM invested over $200 million for research, while 90 per cent of banks invest millions in optional blockchain research. As blockchain technology advances, fields continuously revolutionize, including energy, finance, government, and identity security. We prepared a list of American companies utilizing blockchain and implementing new technology.

As blockchain technology advances, fields continuously revolutionize, including energy, finance, government, and identity security. There are universities such as Maryville offering online certificate in blockchain to combat the growing demand of blockchain experts.

15 Companies Changing the Blockchain Future

 1. Celsius

Fintech company Celsius Network allows users to leverage their crypto for cash loans. Established in 2018, the company processed over $600 million in coin loans.

2. Chainalysis

Improving the blockchain ecosystem is the New York, NY-based Chainalysis offering products and services to governments and banks, for example. Its investigative and compliance software is significant in identifying and preventing hacks and thefts of funds.

 3. Doc.ai

Doc.ai combines blockchain and machine learning for predicting analytics and personal health perception. Patients can manage their medical data and receive compensation for sharing medical data for research.

4. High Fidelity

Based in San Francisco, CA, is High Fidelity, the creator of an open-source platform for virtual reality (VR) environments development on blockchain.

5. IBM

The world’s largest company IBM helps enterprises integrate hyper ledgers and the IBM Cloud into their systems. As a service, IBM assists in developing applications and data governance tools that run on a blockchain. Visit https://www.okx.com/markets/prices to see the latest market prices on cryptocurrency and investment options.

6. Lemonade

Combining AI (artificial intelligence) and blockchain technologies is insurance company Lemonade. The company helps its users receive renters and homeowners’ insurance at an affordable rate using blockchain smart contracts to secure payment agreements.

7. Lockheed Martin

Defense, Aerospace Lockheed Martin integrates blockchain into developmental processes in the cybersecurity method.

8. Oasis Labs

Cloud computing platform Oasis Labs runs on blockchain and creates secure smart contracts for transactions. They offer decentralized trust and privacy protection products.

9. OKX

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX provides advanced financial services and relies on blockchain technology for trading and investment.

10. Omega Grid

Omega Grid blockchain technology allows energy companies and individuals to manage peer-to-peer (P2P) energy sales.

11. Ripple

Payment Network Ripple uses blockchain to transfer money internationally. Examples of financial institutions using the platform are American Express and BMO to process and send payments.

12. Spring Labs

Spring Labs has a blockchain platform enabling businesses to verify identities using transparent and real-time data ledger technology. Features include consumer data protection, secure transfers, and fast transactions processing.


Blockchain-based rewards platform Steem is for social media publishers looking to monetize content and grow communities. Anyone can launch SMT (Smart Media Token), the company’s token for monetization.

 14. TrustToken

TrustToken blockchain infrastructure lets users create tokens backed by assets. Rental properties and commodities can release the coin having asset fractional control and ownership.


Voatz, a mobile voting platform, runs on blockchain to make election participation easy and accessible.

Startups, governments, and corporations are researching and developing innovative blockchain technology and software specialized in various fields. The companies listed above are just a few among thousands of businesses globally changing the blockchain future.


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