10 Times the Texas Abortion Ban Received Hate on the Internet

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Just last week, the government of Texas has approved the six-week fetal heartbeat abortion ban. This means that as early as six weeks, any pregnant woman in Texas is not allowed to abort their offspring. Governor Greg Abbott has announced that Texas shall be a ‘sanctuary city for the unborn’.

Most women do not know about their pregnancy (nor confirm it) at this stage (six weeks). This means that all possible options for women (and motherhood) are taken away from them. This has angered multiple family planning groups and  women’s rights organizations not only in Texas but all over the US. In an attempt towards a ‘pro-life’ movement, the Texan government has surely disappointed thousands of Americans.

Image by skalekar1992 from Pixabay

Americans are gathering together to rally against the new bill. They have pointed out that the Texan government clearly have very skewed priorities. Here are some of the hate the Texas government is currently receiving from the internet:

A really, really bad decision

Here’s the tea:

See y’all at the Capitol

My body, my choice

Must have a stock in the mortuary services

What else didn’t they do?

No to abortions, but yes to guns

Set your priorities straight, TX!

A gun may have more rights in Texas than a woman

It’s really psychotic!

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