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Write for us

Hello writers,

Are you interested in guest blogging for Social News Daily or want to “Write For Us”?  If so, then you are in the right place.

In our guest post or “Write For Us” guideline, you will find the kind of content you can publish on our site.  It’s important to go through them before your request hits our desk.  Regardless, we will be happy to hear your ideas about social media and related topics.

We started the Social News Daily with one goal: To be a content hub for our readers and help bloggers monetize their writing skills.  The content on our site focuses on social media networks, digital marketing, startups, electronics,  lifestyle, and much more.

Therefore content creators in our niche can reach out to “Write For Us” by filling out below contact form.

Guest Posts Explained

Guest posting is the practice of publishing third-party content on our website which is also named “write for us”.  A contributor can write top-quality, unique content and submit it for publishing.  Guest posting is beneficial to writers and their businesses in various ways.

  • Exposes their brand to referral traffic from our loyal readers
  • Creates brand awareness in an entirely new audience
  • Encourage social media shares
  • Grows their backlink profile
  • Enhances their online authority

Tips for Finding Guest Post Opportunities

Besides Social News Daily, bloggers can use the following tips to find guest posting opportunities.

Search Online: Use keywords like “guest posts” or “guest post guidelines” to find guest posting opportunities online.

Networking: Search for prolific guest bloggers in your niche or industry on social media networks.  Most content creators publish their content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.  You can follow them, read their blogs, comment on their content and share it with your network to get their attention.  Later, you can ask them to recommend a good guest posting service where you can monetize your writing skills.

Find a Guest Posting Site on Google: The majority of large and popular websites don’t accept guest posts or charge heavy dollars to add third-party content on their sites.  However, you can pitch smaller brands that accept guest bloggers within your niche or industry.  Some of these sites include socialnewsdaily.com, AppleGazette.com, Startup.info, etc.

Guest Post Ideas We are Keen On

Social News Daily has a broad follower base consisting of young and old readers from different locations.  In fact, part of our audience is founders and executives of established companies and successful startups.  Therefore we assign our guest bloggers topics based on our readers’ requests.  These topics include:

  • The importance of social media marketing
  • How effective social media marketing is
  • How brands can increase traffic on their website
  • How to improve conversion rates
  • The overall goal of social media marketing for their businesses
  • The best practices of a social CEO
  • How to participate in social media strategy as an executive
  • How executives can use social media to amplify their brand

Guidelines to Follow When Submitting Your Guest Post

Subscribe to Our Blog: You must be our subscriber before pitching us.  Those readers who interact with our website understand the quality of content we publish.  The majority of these regular readers have turned to successful guest bloggers.

Understand and Follow Our Guest Post Guidelines: It’s imperative to read these guidelines before pitching us.  Those who didn’t manage to join our list of guest bloggers confessed that they scanned through our guidelines.  Because of that, they failed to understand what we were looking for.  They had to go through them again to get the specific details we were interested in.

Email Your Best Topic or Title: You should submit your best idea and guest post outline before writing an article or Write For Us.  Our editorial team will look at it, and if approved, you will be requested to submit your guest post.

We Fully Own the Content: We reserve the right to translate your post on other sites.  Our journalists republish all posts added to content without contacting their authors.  Therefore you shouldn’t publish an article submitted to us or Write For Us on your blog or a third-party site.

Preferred Length: Your guest post should be at least 800 words.  We assign specific ideas from our readers’ requests mentioned above.

Social Media Engagement: We encourage our contributors to respond to comments on our social media networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  This helps drive engagement and boost social sharing of the published content.  We can always reschedule your post to a time you’re available to engage with our readers.

Contacting Us: You can reach out to “Write For Us” by filling out the below contact form if your pitch meets our guest post guidelines.

Approval: We receive a lot of pitches every day, and we’re unable to respond immediately.  However, be assured you will get a response within 2 working days.

How to Make Your Idea Accepted

Social News Daily team is happy to publish guest posts from our readers, freelancers, individual writers, professional writers, startup founders, and companies.  However, we prioritize content from bloggers with in-depth knowledge over general topics.

We are looking for guest posts or contributors who want to “Write For Us” that adhere to these quick and simple basics.

  1. Well-written guest posts. Both our readers and search engines are getting choosy.
  2. The articles should be sharable on social networks. Readers get excited when they read on-topic content and share them with their friends.  It’s this sharing that increases readership.
  3. The posts should have relevant and helpful outbound links, and the anchor text should be accurate.
  4. Although the guest post length varies, most guest posts range between 500 and 1000 words.

How We Charge Our Guest Posts

We charge based on the following factors for those who want to “Write for Us”.

  • The length of the content
  • Niche markets
  • Writer’s experience or credibility
  • Market price
  • Metrics

Additionally, allow you to retain at least one keyword-rich backlink or give a brief introduction about your brand.

How to Get Started

socialnewsdaily.com will give you a good foundation and help you succeed in sponsored posts or guest postings.

Reach out to us by filling out below contact form.  You will receive feedback within two days.