TikTok Was the Most Downloaded Social Media of 2022 – Will It Grow Beyond Facebook in the Next Few Years?

Why has TikTok become such a popular social media platform? Will it overtake Facebook in the next few years? Find out here.


Few could have predicted TikTok’s meteoric rise over the past few years. The video-sharing platform grew from a relatively niche and unknown app to one of the biggest platforms in the wider digital landscape, becoming the most downloaded social media app in 2022.

Why exactly has TikTok become so popular? Have the developers opted to buy IOS app installs? Or is there some other explanation? Let’s take a look at TikTok’s incredible rise and ask whether it is set to overtake Facebook in the next few years.

Why has TikTok Become so Popular?

Pinpointing exactly why an app like TikTok has enjoyed such incredible success is difficult. The true answer is multi-faceted and complex, with no one particular reason being more influential than the other. However, there are a number of factors that have contributed to TikTok’s rise to the top.

The way in which TikTok works has been a driving factor behind its success. It uses an advanced and highly sophisticated algorithm to deliver short-form video content to users. The more time users spend on the app, the more the algorithm learns about their particular tastes and preferences. Users will then see far more personalized content appear in their feeds, with the scrolling feature providing randomized but still highly relevant videos for users to view. This system is incredibly engaging and addictive and can be seen as one of the main reasons why the app has become so popular.

TikTok has also been adopted by a number of celebrities and influencers. These figures have large dedicated followings, which saw millions of users flock to the app after discovering their favorite influencer was using it. These influencers have continued to promote the app and have seen it attract attention from major brands and companies, further boosting it up the download charts.

Will TikTok Overtake Facebook?

Facebook was the first true social media titan. It changed the face of digital social interaction as we know it, serving as a pioneer that countless subsequent platforms have attempted to emulate. Despite its popularity dipping somewhat, Facebook is still an extremely influential platform, recording 2.93 billion monthly active users in March 2022.

TikTok and Facebook are different platforms. One is focused on video content, and while Facebook has taken steps to introduce a video feature of its own, it is primarily used for more general social media activity. However, user preferences are in a constant state of flux. Many experts are predicting that we will see a shift towards video-focused social media content and a move away from more traditional forms. This could mean that TikTok will indeed overtake Facebook in the near future.


TikTok’s rise to the top of the download charts has been the stuff of legends. Few could have seen this outcome just a few years ago, a testament to how unpredictable the social media and digital technology industry can be.

Kokou Adzo

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