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In cold weather, summer tires become too stiff, losing traction. Winter tires are ineffective in warm weather. Therefore, many drivers wish to find a compromise that would allow them to refuse seasonal changes and save the budget. This solution is offered by many modern manufacturers.

All-season tires retain their effectiveness at temperatures no lower than 0 degrees and are an excellent solution for winter in the city, where roads are regularly cleared of snow slush. To ensure comfortable and safe driving you need to choose tires carefully. Our list of all-season tires for passenger cars will help.

All-season tire

All-season tire Features

The tires were created for driving in off-road conditions, and therefore have good ground grip and increased wear resistance. The rubber is reliably protected from possible damage by sharp stone edges and the tread is equipped with expanding grooves that allow these tires to clean themselves from dirt and small gravel.

Features of all-season tires

  • Affordable price;
  • Excellent cross-country ability;
  • Preservation of reliable traction at temperatures down to -15 degrees;
  • Predictable behavior on asphalt;
  • Good braking on both dry and wet roads;
  • Fast clearing of snow slush and mud;
  • Acoustic comfort.

At the same time, the tires have sufficient stiffness to be ready to meet the bumps and sharp edges of uneven asphalt and to meet the requirements of acoustic comfort. All-season rubber from the Chinese manufacturer is suitable for driving even at low temperatures, but it wears out faster than many analogs.

All-season tire 2

Peculiarities of Choice

Now on sale, there is a wide range of models of car tires, produced by modern manufacturers. First, you need to determine the operating conditions of your car. After all, if you go out in winter only on clean dry asphalt – buying a studded tire will not be quite right.

And the choice of non-spiked friction tires is great: for severe winter conditions (the so-called Scandinavian or Arctic tires), for light use (European), and for various intermediate options. There are also tires made with technological holes for studs for their possible installation by special equipment. In fairness, it is necessary to mention all-season tires.

All-season tire 3

Model Lineup

The model range of any tire manufacturer includes tires with different tread patterns, composition of the mixture, different load capacities, and different speed index. Conditionally, according to the composition of the rubber mixture, it is possible to correlate soft tires with the Scandinavian type, medium-hard tires with studded ones, and hard tires with the European type.

By comparing the speed indexes of different tires, you can make a correct assumption that the higher it is, the less passable the tire is on snowy roads, and vice versa. On dry paved roads, a winter tire with a higher speed index has several advantages over a tire with a lower index, such as a shorter braking distance.

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