Ideas for a Virtual Christmas Party This Year

Virtual Christmas Party

COVID-19 has changed the way we used to spend our lives not only in the context of education, business, entertainment, or job but also in terms of celebration. Due to the global pandemic, today we are not only in search of finding the perfect cable TV plan such as Select TV to enjoy Christmas celebrations but also looking for ideas for having a virtual Christmas party. 

Yes, you are right about going on the social distancing days to avoid the spread of the deadly virus. Although the pandemic is almost over (thankfully), some of our loved ones still cannot join us for Christmas. Just in case, you also have a family member or a friend who cannot join you on Christmas due to this, or any other reason, this blog is all you need. 

Now you must be getting what we are heading to. Throwing a virtual Christmas party does not mean you or your family has quarantined for any illness. Rather it is for those who cannot be part of the festival with you because they are at a distant location and are unable to attend the celebrations at your place. 

If you are having such people in your family that are at a distant location but want to join the Christmas party back home, this blog is for you. We have lined up three amazing virtual Christmas party ideas for you so you can have the same enthusiasm and fun as being at home with your family. 

So without further ado, let’s hit the road!

Three Creative Ideas to Throw a Virtual Christmas Party for Your Loved Ones 

Before deciding on any of the ideas to throw a memorable virtual Christmas party makes sure you have strong coverage of internet service across your space. For that, you should have a reliable, fast, and full-coverage internet service such as Spectrum Service at your home. So you and your guest at home or present virtually can have real fun on Christmas. Click here to see if Spectrum offers internet services in your region or not.

We have added a couple of ideas that will assist you in adding a special touch to your holiday party so you can have the most memorable and wonderful time with your loved ones. Want to know all? Happy scrolling!

Craft Festive Ornaments

The first thing you can do to make this virtual Christmas party is to ask all participants to craft ornaments for the Christmas tree. They can craft and send you different parts of the Christmas tree so you can assemble it all for making a whole Christmas tree. 

To make this activity more fun, you can call for virtual meetings using different online meeting apps such as Zoom to guide each other while designing decorative ornaments. Else you can watch tutorials for creating ornaments together virtually and then can decide who will create which part. 

You can also send them ornament kits via mail so they can prepare their part on time and can deliver you before the party. Sounds interesting? Of course, it is. So don’t wait a moment and start thinking about this idea if you want to build a family Christmas tree at your home or your office space. 

Holiday Team Building Games for Virtual Participants 

The next idea you can add to your list for party activities is to develop virtual teams to play games with all attendees during the holiday. Party games are really fun, but why do they fade the spark of your Christmas party when guests are not physically available? You can add some games which are feasible for virtual guests to play with you. 

We have added three types of games that you ask your online guests to play to make your virtual Christmas party more delightful! Let’s check them out. 

  • Christmas Movie Charades: It’s a fun game where you can write down a character or scene from a movie on sticky notes. Put any number on the opposite side of those notes so the participants cannot see the other side. Ask them randomly to pick any number. Once a virtual participant picks a number, turn the paper and ask him/her to act out as commanded. 
  • Yuletide Pictionary: Another interesting game to make everyone laugh on Christmas Eve is Yuletide Pictionary. All you need to do is to ask your virtual participants to team up into two. Then ask one team member to draw what you have secretly commended on a white sheet and show it on their screen. 

Now the opponent team members have to guess the word in sixty seconds. You can also divide guests into physically and virtually present teams to keep them interacting with each other. 

  • Holiday-Themed Trivia: Last but not least you can do to have an amazing team with your virtual guests is holiday-themed trivia. For this game, you have to break your guests into teams and ask them to stay in breakout rooms separately. Then make some timed trivia questions focusing on the Christmas holiday category. 

Once done, start asking questions with two teams. You can also decide on some gifts for the winning team to inspire participants to remain active during the game. 

Holiday Virtual “Minute-to-win-it” Challenges

Another fun game you can ask the guests to play during a virtual Christmas party is a minute-to-win competition. Following the same technique we have mentioned above, ask your virtual and physical guests to form mini teams. Then ask them to complete the mini-tasks quickly to secure points. 

The team with the highest score will get the gift. Thinking about what mini-games you can arrange for this activity? Worry not we have got you covered. We have listed down three examples of such games below so you can easily decide which one you should choose. 

  • Jingle All the Way: You can ask each participant to sing Christmas jingles in a different style. The player will wait for his/her turn and then can sing it either in a comical voice or backward. The participant who completes the task most uniquely will be considered the winner.  
  • Cookie Chomp: The second mini-game you can ask each participant to play is to put a cookie on his/her forehead and keep it balanced then race. The player who keeps the cookie balanced for the longest time without using their hands will be rewarded to eat that cookie. 
  • Candy Cane Tower: The last mini-game we have for you is to build the tallest candy cane tower. You can also team up with guests to check which team will complete the task at the earliest. 

In a Nutshell

All the above-mentioned activities are attainable and practical to throw an amazing virtual Christmas party. However, you can also arrange a movie night activity with your virtual and physical guests at home. But for that, you need to have access to premium channels or networks and streaming services. If you want to reach out best Christmas-themed entertaining content without surpassing your Christmas party budget, you need to have a good cable TV plan. 

And of course, a strong internet connection that can keep the virtual guests with you throughout the party. Therefore we would recommend you check out astounding bundle offers at BuyTVInternetPhone with one click.

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